All content on this website is fictional. This site is solely used for role-playing purposes. Any similarities to real life characters or dogs are coincidental. 

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Welcome to the Sims United Kennel Club

SUKC Treasure Chest

Every month there will be something new in the chest. What will it be? Poses, markings, who knows? Open the chest to find out.

Welcome to The Sims United Kennel Club! Here you and your TS3 dogs can participate in a wide variety of sporting and conformation shows. We welcome all players and kennels to our forum to participate in the festivities. Established in 2014, the SUKC has been working hard to create the largest international all breed dog performance registry. Our extensive event opportunities highlight the dog's natural capability while tapping into each breed's heritage and utilizing every piece that made up the puzzle. What makes us different? Our focus on community, this is a place for fun and at the end of the day we make that our first priority. Charming competition and amiable peers make this place what it is, we plan to keep it that way.


Conformation is at the heart of the SUKC. This is where dogs strut their stuff in the ring to prove they are good examples of their breed. 

Sporting trials are where your dogs can show all that they can do in amazing sports such as schutzhund, coursing, and dock diving.

There is so much more to do at the SUKC; post photos in your kennel blog, compete in themed events, RP with friends, and much more.

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